Sepia Pages, preserve your history.

The stories we share through generations are the most cherished heirlooms we can give to our family.  Repeating those stories when we gather is one way to keep them alive, but recording them on audio or video, or writing them down, guarantees they’ll be found and remembered years in the future.

Componente 18 – 1
Componente 18 – 1

Preserve & Share

SepiaPages was designed specifically for you to preserve and share your family’s history, keeping traditions, culture and moral code alive through storytelling.

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The stories of our lives

There never seems to be enough time when we get together to talk about the past. This vital information needs to be preserved before it becomes hard to find or forgotten with time. 

How it works

1. Create an Account

Choose a basic template and start the Do-It-Yourself page.

2. Add your stories

Create a story you want to preserve and add photos, videos or audio to make the page more personal.

3. Your page is live!

Others can now see and read your story when given a link or by scanning a QR Code.

Additional options

1. Collaborate with Family

Your friends and family can collaborate with you on the content of the website. Ask them for memorabilia and upload to your story. 

2. Enhance the quality of your page

If you need help writing, digitizing or posting online, we have professionals waiting to help make your vision come to life!

3. Order a QR Code of your story

Each SepiaPage will generate a QR Code which can be printed on a metal plaque and posted where ever you want the information to be available. 

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A legacy tribute

Celebrate people, special places, important information, and pets by retelling and reliving the stories told by them or about them! Help paint a better picture of culture, history, and family that makes a person who they are. Give your children and grandchildren the opportunity to feel close to their relatives and form connections across generations.

The future generation

Sepia Pages gives future generations the option to find what they are looking for and never feel powerless when looking for family information. With technology advancing, we make sure that valuable stories and information is preserved online and available with a click of a button, forming a bridge between past, present, and future generations. 

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Pet tributes

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be difficult. Pets are an important part of our lives and the grief that we feel for them can sometimes be overwhelming. Writing a pet tribute can be a way to help you deal with your grief, as well as celebrating the life of your pet. For many, pet tributes are just the beginning in the journey of healing. 

Special place

Is there a place on this planet that holds a special place in your heart? Maybe it’s where you got married, or lived for a while, or maybe even a place where your family had a tradition of going every year.

Imagine how many people share a special moment at the same place. Start a “guestbook” and learn the unique stories it holds for millions of other people including you.

Hear what our
customers say.

Robert M.
Robert M.
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“I’m so excited to be using this website. Everyone loves time capsules and this is an amazing way to store all the special memories that happen and it’s all done digitally. I love it!”
Saanvi A.
Saanvi A.
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"It's like a hug from the past!"
John M.
John M.
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“My grandchildren are always asking to see old albums and keepsakes, now I can show them Sepia Pages, and they can go read all the stories behind them."
Martha J.
Martha J.
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"I can finally tell my family about the past and share all the unique experiences their ancestors went through before they were here"
John M.
John M.
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"I wrote a story about our first home and my children were able to add their individual memories from living there. I love seeing different experiences from the same story."