Hello, My Name is Sara

I was born in the city of Krakow, Poland to Marcin Malicki & Beata Malicka (Pietrzycka) and lived there until I was 9 years old. In 2004 my family decided to move to the United States and settle in New Britain, CT close to family. I went to elementary school there and then continued on to high school in Southington, CT. After graduating high school, I attended Framingham State University where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In 2018, I married Jaleel Wingard and became a mother later that year and then again in 2021 to my daughters Mia & Kai’ah.

Passions: Helping Children with Rough Backgrounds/ Homes, Raising my children, Learning 

Hobbies: Singing, Cooking, Crafting, Organizing,

Likes: Looking at the Stars, Walking on the Beach, Hiking

Dislikes: Kasza Gryczana

Special Talents: Singing

Adventures: Blindly moved to California after college with only a deposit down on an apartment. 

My Message

Be Kind to Everyone. Stay with God & Be Happy.



My Story

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