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Maluch- Our first car

In 1984, my husband received a Fiat 126p from his job as a gift.This was a huge deal! He had just set up an asphalt department for his company and this was their way of saying thank you. The car itself was first introduced to the world in 1972, and back then...many people couldn't dream of having a car, and even though we still had to make payments on it, the opportunity to have this type of gift was a life changing gift for our whole family.This car was utilized for so many different things than just driving to work and back, and family trips.

The one we received was a light yellow color. I will never forget how funny it was because the color was so bright. Not only we were one of a few people in our family and the town with a car but it was such a unique color too.

It was an incredible ride. It had a trunk in the front and you could transport so many things in and on it that you wouldn't believe! We shared a million and one memories in that car and I'm sure every Polish person had memories that they also shared with their Maluch.

A specific story I have is the wedding we drove to in 1985 in Pinczow, Poland. We were leaving the grooms (Krzysztof Olko) house, and headed to the wedding, about 30 kilometers from the house, and we offered to take whoever needed to get there. We fit 8 people in that tiny little car !!! Anyone and everyone who need a ride, we took! Now you might be asking yourself..whats the big deal.. Well let me tell you. The Polish Maluch is a really small car with a capacity of four passengers. It is 3 meters, a height of only 1.3 meters, and a width of only 1.37 meters! Some modern home fridges are way bigger than this car. My husband, myself, our 3 children and some other well as our 50 year old aunt Tekla was laying across people's laps in the Maluch ! It was a crazy ride as you can imagine and when we arrived, everyone was cracking up as we all came out of the car one after another and another and another.

This was a memory I will never forget and I guarantee will pop back in your mind if you come across this car !

This black and white photo was taken during another adventure in our Maluch. While driving to my cousin, Kazik Tondos wedding, we got a flat tire!

As you can see, we were laughing so hard because this was yet another memorable time in our lives and with this car.

We could not believe that my husband had to change the tire in his nice suit and that we were so dressed up while standing on the side of the road watching him work.

What an adventure!

Some people still drive this car in Poland today, but all of the cars are now registered as an antique and have a special liscence plate similar to the ones in America.