My father's most prized possesion....the Jennings Brothers Heel

You might see this brass heel and say wow that's cool or maybe you get to hold it and see how heavy it is or what year it was made in...Maybe you have heard of Jennings Brothers and they're amazing works of art. This is a piece of art that I hold dear to my heart.

My father was an artist. He had the opportunity to work at the Jennings Brother's manufacturing company in Bridgeport, CT and he had a hand in designing this JB 1248 heel.
I will never forget how excited he was when he got the news that he would be working on their new item. He had no idea who he was going to work with and on what but the look on his face was priceless.

I remember him explaining how the Jennings Brothers Company was bringing a new type of artistry to America and they were "competing" with some French company that was making similar items. These items were very high-end and very particular when it came to design..also unique.

He worked on this design for months, I think it was close to a year and then it was finally ready for production. When it finally came out, people were so excited to see it and so many people loved the unique design.

I felt so proud of my father, and was so quick to tell everybody "Hey have you seen the new Jennings Brother's heel?, well my father worked on it"
I am not sure how many copies were made, if many, but my father was able to purchase one from the company after some time.

Ever since the day he bought it it has been on display in his home for everyone to see and admire. Some Jennings Brothers items are highly collectable and valuable but nothing would make my father or anyone in our family sell it because it holds so much value as a familial keepsake rather than monetary value.

My hopes are that our family will FOREVER be able to keep this keepsake safe and pass it on to future generations. I am so happy to write about it on here and share the story of why this item is so important and has to be kept safe within our family.