Bosca Ceoil Sheanmháthair- Grandma's Music Box

This story is fairly short. My grandmother's (Mary) parents were given this music box back when she was a single gal and a man came to her parents asking for her hand in marriage.

They did not agree, rather cursed him away and told him never to come back.

What they didn't know is that my grandmother really liked this man and has been seeing him in town almost everyday on her way to stores and farms.

But, when her parents had turned him away and shunned him as a stranger seeking marriage from a woman he didn't know, they kept the music box and gave it to her as a joke (not knowing that she was in love)

Ever since that day, my grandmother has held onto that music box to reminisce on her first love and often would play the music box and tear up because the song is rather slow and sad.