Our Services

A Standard D-I-Y Page


A perfect choice for someone who wants a simple, and FREE web page to do everything on their own, and then share it with family and friends.

Professional Biography or Story Writing

$100 (50-300 words)
$150 (300-1,000 words)
$300 (1,000+ Words)

Sit down with a professional and tell us about yourself and what makes you, YOU or share about a place, pet or keepsake.

In-Person Interview or Audio Recording

$100 (30 Minute Recording)
$150 (45 Minute-1 hr Recording)

How great would it be if you could see your ancestors or maybe just hear them again?

We know those are the most nostalgic feelings and we want to help you  preserve yours, for generations to come!

Custom Built SepiaPage

Price Varies (Estimate given after consultation)

We’ll make your vision come to life!

Our team members will consult you about what exactly you want your SepiaPage to look like and consist of, then we will custom build it just for you!

Photography or Video Digitizing

$25 (1-5 Images) $45 (6-20 Images)
$100 (20-50 Images)

Let us help preserve your old photos and videos by giving them new life with digitalization!


Price Varies (Estimate given after consultation)

Translate anything from writing on old photographs, birth certificate, notes or letters, or have someone translate your video/audio or biography all right here on SepiaPages!

Custom Plaque with QR Code

$15 1- Plaque (1x2)
$25 1- Plaque (2x4)
$45 1- Plaque (4x8)

Share your SepiaPage with anyone, anywhere!

Your individual QR Code plaque will lead people to the SepiaPage you created!

Post in on a memorial bench, family tree, or donated item and tell your story.